Course Description :  "Are sporting champions born or made?"   You may have your own personal answer to this question based on your experience.  An emphatic 'yes' or 'no' response may impact how you select, train and develop talent. This course aims to provide a framework for thinking about how your program selects and develops talent for your sport. It commences with the evolution of talent identification  programs from around the world starting in the 1960's.  It highlights key research findings behind talent  programs and the global drive for their  inclusion in sport development programs.   It provides a framework for identifying the real competences required for your sport and how best to measure and manage them.  

Target Audience:  Sports Coaches, Team selectors, Directors of Sport, HPE Teachers, Talent Scouts, Coach Educators

 Learning Outcomes:  

Understand the evolution of Talent Identification and Development Programs  
Develop a clear understanding of the global drivers of talent programs and their application
Identify the performance characteristics which influence performance   

Identify  factors, including maturation rates, which impact on selection criteria. 

  Duration:   4 hours, including additional reading and on-screen time. 

  Assessment: Assessment consists of reflective tasks, short answer and multiple choice responses.  These are editable as you progress through the course and you can return to these at anytime. A learning journal can be printed on completion of the course.

  Cost :   $120.00 ex GST

  Accreditation :   Certificate of Completion

   Prerequisite : There are no prerequisite for enrolment into this course 

  Recommended partner course :  Long Term Athlete Development  

  Course dates : Commence immediately , 3 months to complete


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