Exercise is Medicine: Enhancing Patient Outcomes through Lifestyle Interventions


This course considers the importance of exercise for overall health and introduces subsequent behaviour-change strategies specific to the adoption of exercise as a regular part of their lifestyle. It highlights the supporting role of Accredited Exercise Physiologists in assisting patients to establish an exercise program best suited to their needs.  

At the end of the three learning modules, participants will:

  • Describe how exercise can be used to prevent and manage patient chronic conditions
  • Describe behaviour-change strategies specific to adoption of physical activity
  • Recognise the importance of graded exercise therapy in relation to patient safety
  • Recall key aspects of the Australian Physical Activity Guidelines
  • Outline existing physical activity assessment tools in medical software including Medical Director and Best Practice

 Use the tabs at the top of this page to access each of three modules in sequence or simply follow the arrows at the bottom of each page. 


Course details

CPD Points:

RACGP - 4 Category 2 CPD points

APNA Endorsed 2 CPD hours

ESSA RACGP Provider ID 602617

RACGP Activity 126433

Duration: Approximately 2 hours online

Successful Completion: This is a self paced course designed to enable the application of  knowledge and resources gained in this course to your working context.

Learning Design: Self-paced online learning package

Specific to: General Practitioners,  Primary Care Nurses, Allied Health Professionals

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